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I found this in my bookmarks. A collection of collage books and sketchbooks submitted in deviant art.

I always admire such works. I love when them have a story or just one topic, but those with no connection between pages are great too.

Here you have some wonderful books, I hope that will inspire you!

summersketchbook by likeatinglass portable wavelength by fredfree robot by bayananderson Collage book by HanibalLecter
modern love 2 by mr-boonshine Book of scars by themothgirl szkicownikscrapbook by gnomzdziupli
collage this by fredfree :thumb44997639:
:thumb65076973: :thumb52590224: youngblueeyes. by likeatinglass


message to user by likeatinglass :thumb41961384: :thumb27090435:

Mature Content

Umbrella Weather by mattrobinson
PRODUCT by ikhon couches + chairs book by somavenus
:thumb42766767: journeyproject by likeatinglass

. the lion engine . by himnofeda modern love 1 by mr-boonshine 163 minutes by Pierrots-Frown Mi primer Librito by miralos

:thumb63928942: :thumb64923787:
Collage gallery is full of wonders made of paper, cuts from magazines and old ads, manuals and

many other sources.
This selection of wonderful works shows how creative collage-makers can be and how different

styles are poosible in collage.

Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment if you like what you see!

:thumb42558778: :thumb28923103:
Hope by nighty christmas time by sozialfuzzi dotties by sozialfuzzi :thumb65900412:
masquerade II by MyVictorianSecret

Mature Content

My Hell by MyVictorianSecret
Portrait of a Family by MyVictorianSecret Victorian Warriors by MyVictorianSecret

smile by davemon MEDIA youth-ism by KUBA-KLIP cutthroats by likeatinglass collage93 by miralos
:thumb26876442: summer by Pierrots-Frown :thumb63723945: :thumb55171695:
High Fashion for Paintbrushes by replete :thumb67762434: :thumb49284659: :thumb44242025:

soundscape 7:30 by aerostato no title 4 by blueturk thirtween by ex-agent . 12 CI . by himnofeda
:thumb24667498: :thumb64035476: variations on a theme 04 by LizStewart variations on a theme 03 by LizStewart
Untitled by replete patch by YCSarah

SOMAVENUS SEPT. 05 ATC 01 by somavenus e equals mc squared by somavenus   marilyn mayer by b-polar Seeing by ESPtype
anonimous princess by misspaperclip A is an emotion :love: by oldfashioned mind control tactics by Pierrots-Frown fire by the-Px-corporation
:thumb34032289: :thumb67762116: ravashing holiday by el378

I am you 2 by bigslof :thumb46592319: floaton by likeatinglass Male Movie Model Pt. B by skin-and-teeth
Catching The Football Pt. A by skin-and-teeth :thumb63940976: flight by YCSarah step by YCSarah

:thumb65098073: :thumb60328330: brought, thought, bought by fredfree :thumb66152127:
The Garden by Jamesk8 . 4a and 5a . by srtapolyester . trans dry . by srtapolyester . dirty minds . by srtapolyester
edible head by random-cowboy explodable head by random-cowboy unusable object by the-Px-corporation readymade assembly kit by the-Px-corporation

:thumb58873554: :thumb65770893: :thumb67160356: content by prescription
untitled 2006 by shige-art zzyyx_2007 by shige-art :thumb32769781: :thumb65871247:
FMP: play 'war brains' by Egostar FMP: play 'Circling High' by Egostar FMP: play 'fleeting' by Egostar i live at 23 ridley road by Egostar
:thumb65057119: :thumb64377845: :thumb65064062:

Collage-makers are cool people and they have their clubs, full of original works,
submitted only in clubs' galleries. You must go and see

:iconthe-collage-box: the-collage-box

jet plane by the-collage-box in suit, but by the-collage-box maid of perth by the-collage-box

:iconobjettrouve: ObjetTrouve

hot chips by ObjetTrouve aao4 by ObjetTrouve her ankles by ObjetTrouve

The best from Poland!

It's a special feature for Traditional Art Day, all artists shown here are from Poland. My personal favourites, with different styles, techniques and themes. From children illustration, through portaraits to street art.

:icon22zddr: 22zddr

abyss by 22zddr steno by 22zddr

Mature Content

Follow the violin by 22zddr
white soul,white worm by 22zddr the tracker by 22zddr the gorgon by 22zddr

:icongapinska: gapinska

sketch_red_star by gapinska

Mature Content

Let's_play_ by gapinska
sketch_ by gapinska Noe's Ark by gapinska Felo by gapinska mrau_ by gapinska

:iconfrodok: FrodoK

Queen Aerris and Melchior by FrodoK Underwater walk by FrodoK Mechanical Bird by FrodoK Imprisoned by FrodoK Two worlds by FrodoK Woodman, Moon and Oculist by FrodoK

:iconmadzikowo: madzikowo

:iconbarbarasobczynska: barbarasobczynska

'she spoke no word' by barbarasobczynska above the frozen castle by barbarasobczynska the careless flying teacher by barbarasobczynska the eastern mirage by barbarasobczynska driving throughTheMonstersLand by barbarasobczynska 'Away, luna, luna, luna.' by barbarasobczynska

:icondariusz: dariusz

Mature Content

artist and death by dariusz

Mature Content

2 sisters by dariusz

Mature Content

ankou by dariusz
fish diet by dariusz

Mature Content

toys factory by dariusz

Mature Content

3 suns by dariusz

:iconolinwena: Olinwena

:thumb45208983: :thumb27299168: :thumb16556057: :thumb48704146: :thumb67687283: :thumb65840284:

:iconpixsh: pixsh

:thumb47820988: :thumb51626019: :thumb39590031: :thumb37944335: :thumb30721085: :thumb22085248:

:iconhaniballecter: HanibalLecter

Head by HanibalLecter Untitled by HanibalLecter f by HanibalLecter :thumb41719802: nowhere by HanibalLecter Tylek by HanibalLecter

:iconsway-art: Swan-art

...clown... by Sway-art ...colors of the wind... by Sway-art ...roses are red... by Sway-art ...Danae... by Sway-art tulips... by Sway-art ...innocent... by Sway-art

:iconandreaszielenkiewicz: AndreasZielenkiewicz

Life is a game by AndreasZielenkiewicz Tribute to Beksinski by AndreasZielenkiewicz Egyptian composition by AndreasZielenkiewicz The Labirynth by AndreasZielenkiewicz Tower of Babel by AndreasZielenkiewicz lighthouse by AndreasZielenkiewicz

:iconmarcysiabush: Marcysiabush

Misery by Marcysiabush Akt by Marcysiabush Bjork memory by Marcysiabush

There are many great people from Poland who submit works on deviant. It's impossible to include them all, so I must to choose only a few. Just have a look!

yjmhnm by kuzuki :thumb60966320: Mismanagement by MeLain The Flying by MOracz .sleeping p3. by xiezniczka-fanaberia
water's inrrigating by anitazofiasiuda fiSHE by anitazofiasiuda InD by Arphar 'an ordinary intestine...' by aristoss :thumb65141832: wigry 3 by riot-exfoliator
big girl by aniadobrowolska paism 08.2006 by paysm .:ZUPPA:. by Janeczka :thumb29344538: The Twin Tree Dawn by mruqe :thumb38527744:
:thumb54400364: sa dni co smakuja sufitem by pentelka :thumb51065962: :thumb28241446: Cathedral 001 by Sadir89 nhl by gnomzdziupli
Edict of the Eclipse by Versatis Letters from Ophelia by Versatis
gnomzdziupli is one of my favourite artist in deviantart, because his works are so fresh, modern and stilish. He plays with composition, perspective and colours. Bartek's works are always clear, simple in a good way and thoroughgoing. He paints like he wants, not limited by anyone.
You can see his skill and technique in an ease he puts a paint into canvas. It's sometimes very rough, sketchy - never overworked.

I always enjoy his works, they're not obvious if you take a closer look.

Do you see a hole in an ice or a puck?
nhl by gnomzdziupli

plejgrandy 4 by gnomzdziupli Czech Dream by gnomzdziupli
tobis tobis... by gnomzdziupli ekhm by gnomzdziupli Comet in Moominland v2 by gnomzdziupli
spolem by gnomzdziupli :thumb36147448: wall by gnomzdziupli
gHQ toilete by gnomzdziupli outland diversity by gnomzdziupli :thumb42441552:

A collection of intriguing works with zeppelines and other unusual flying objects.

Dreams and Trenches Between by Viowave blunder summer by Pierrots-Frown Gloria by qwauk
Zeppelin Flight by exanju Crashed Zeppelins by nyctopterus :thumb5685933:
Goodbye Blue Sky by inflexible Gloria s Dreams by qwauk Zeppelin 2 by JLuck
the lost balloon by misspaperclip Neons Blancs et Asphaltine 4 by drahomira fortuity? by missmelinus

A Sellable Cremation. by Aristocles :thumb21358873: eb ot sah ti yaw eht rof sllih by Aristocles
on the edge by tomasbrechler Skeletons11 by Egostar sputnik by qwauk

:thumb63645120: :thumb22414509: fly by dyspepsia

:thumb55453653: kometa nad dolina muminkow by gnomzdziupli
The Great Escape by kjutenkadli baloon by pentelka okruszki by pentelka

Recycled Art Assemblage by eclecticelements Hot Air Ride by mondaysopaque :thumb64876039:
Reperio Vestri Astrum by mondaysopaque :thumb47014131: Le voyage II by lawra


For more flying objects, see unreflected article…